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Ethical Fund List

Choose to invest in ethical funds available on our Fund Supermarket. Click to View.

Ready Made Portfolios

Model Ethical Portfolios allows you to view diversified, templated ethical investment portfolios covering the spectrum from light to dark green funds and low to high risk. This can be used as a research tool to enable you to select portfolios which are commensurate with your risk and ethical investment profiles. Click to View.

Pick Your Own Funds

Choose from over 1000 funds from more than 60 fund managers. Click to View.

Ethical Fund Filter

By selecting criteria to exclude from your investment portfolio, you can filter out individual funds who do not meet your ethical requirements. This unique research aid assists you in avoiding funds which offend your principles whilst helping you determine where you position your portfolio on the spectrum of light or dark green investments. Click to View.

My Green Worth

Track and Monitor your investment portfolios with this free, holistic, "one stop shop" tracking system which allows you to see how much your combined investments, pensions and savings are worth- even if they were not bought from this website. This will assist you in on-going monitoring and supervision and allows you to assess the value of your ethical investments in relation to the rest of your portfolio. Click to View.

Attitudinal Questionnaires

Our inter-active attitudinal questionnaire will help you determine the most suitable asset allocation, commensurate with your ethical convictions and risk tolerance. You can ues it to establish how "dark" or "light" green your asset allocation should be and how much investment volatilty and risk you are prepared to accept.". Results are published on your screen as a "scattergram", covering the spectrums of risk and ethics. Click to View.